AI within Quality Assurance

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in software quality assurance, automating testing processes, generating smarter test cases, and predicting defects. AI enhances code reviews, provides real-time monitoring, and improves non-functional testing, including security and performance.

Explore our AI-driven offerings and services in Generative AI, Predictive AI, and Measuring code quality. Whether it’s AI-generated code or not, we optimize code health and quality.

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Quality expertise

With more than 20 years of experience from QA in complex software projects, we know best practices and how to use software testing as an accelerator of digital transformation.

With our expertise within SDLC – the Software Development Life Cycle – we have the experts you need to succeed. And we spice it up with an unrivalled quality aspect. We combine CI, CD and CF to a complete service portfolio that supports your full life cycle – or, if you prefer, the parts you need help with. We work with all kinds of tools – commercial, open source or home made.

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Quality assessments

How can you improve your quality process to be more efficient and secure? We conduct many different types of quality assessments based on your specific needs.

Predicting the future is no longer science fiction. We combine the power of AI with the human expertise of our consultants to give you the insights you need about your software projects, systems and processes. And we have structured our software assessments to provide quick and comprehensible summaries – and to cater to your needs

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Quality as a service

Flexibility is the fundament for our subscription services. This setup gives you access to a set of skills rather than a specific consultant. For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to a wide range of QA expertise and competencies.

Our subscription services can be delivered in full, and also in part by our nearshore teams in Bosnia and Poland. This is a cost-competitive and efficient way to solve your QA challenges. When utilising our nearshore services, you can choose between extending a team controlled by your organisation, or use our Outsourcing services. The latter means you completely outsource a team or function.

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“We enhance digital value – for the individual, brand and business”

System Verification was founded in 2002 to meet the needs of a company that specializes in software quality assurance. Today, we improve the digital landscape and ensure a sustainable digital experience that enhances the relationship between humans and technology. Our CEO, Erik Björhäll, has been with us since day one. Read his words on our story and mission.

21 years in QA business
13 offices
300+ employees
4,6/5 consultant rating

The latest from System Verification

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Innovating Integration: AI-Driven Collaboration with Emely

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological collaborations, the partnership between NordAxon and System Verification is about to improve Emely even further. Emely is an online language training tool driven by artificial intelligence. Beyond its role in supporting users in various speech contexts, Emely contributes significantly to societal integration within Sweden.

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A Dynamic Dive into Tech: A Recap of Tricentis’ London Event

The vibrant city of London served as the backdrop for a whirlwind of tech insights and networking opportunities as Tricentis, a leading software testing company, hosted a captivating event. From insightful talks to engaging networking sessions, the two-day affair left attendees buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in the realm of AI-integrated tools and market strategies.

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Technical expertise

How do you prioritize your technical debt?

Are you heading up a software development team, or perhaps working as a CTO? Then you most likely have to deal with technical debt on a more or less daily basis. So how can you approach these issues in a structured way?

Customer cases


“System Verification blended in perfectly with our development team straight away and were extremely professional. Everything was fast, smooth and well documented. Moreover, they were really committed and eager to ensure a good handover of their work. I am super happy.”

Einar Valgeirsson, Development Team Lead Diaverum

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“We will definitely use System Verification’s technical due diligence service again. It provided the insights we needed in an extremely smooth and efficient way.”


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“A traditional and full technical due diligence is complicated. It requires a lot of time, meetings and communication going back and forth. System Verification’s process, on the other hand, demanded very little of us. And this kind of ‘lighter version’ of a software due diligence was exactly what we wanted.”

Thomas Schjerpen, Chief Technology Officer CatalystOne

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Our offices

We are located I several offices in Sweden, Bosnia, Germany and Poland. Check out our office pages, where you get a more detailed look at what goes on at each workplace. You can also find open positions tied to that specific office!

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