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We broaden the scale to ensure that the quality meets requirements throughout the entire value chain, from drawing board to finished product.

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We integrate software testing from the very beginning of an IT project and then works in a highly structured manner at all stages of the development process.

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“I can be proud of what I do.”

Karolina Mileros, Test Manager

“The way forward is clear

Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO and founder, System Verification

94% Satisfied customers

According to the latest Customer Satisfaction Survey, 94 percent of System Verification’s customers are satisfied with our quality assurance services. We are very proud of the latest survey results and we look forward to continued successful collaboration with our customers.

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About Us

01 Independent supplier

Our effectiveness lies in our independent status and ability to see the big picture. We monitor the market and keep ourself updated on the latest technological trends – and that means you receive well-informed guidance and recommendations.

02 Holistic perspective

Our holistic approach is a logical progression of our expertise. As specialists in quality assurance of software, we work with clients throughout the project cycle – from the first concept to launch and follow-up.

03 Broad experience

Partnerships with global clients have given us considerable experience and understanding of the way that business and IT interact. We have clients all sectors; from Bank & Finance to Automotive and Manufacturing.

Get a digital edge on competition


Are you choosing the right system? Are your processes efficient and secure? We can conduct different types of analyses based on your specific needs.


Which areas can you and should you digitalize to achieve your business goals? We help you develop a digital strategy for all or part of your operations.


A structured quality process gives you control over the delivery, which will have the desired quality at lower costs and with shorter lead times. Let us help you gain control.


Is the security of your IT systems sufficient to meet regulatory requirements? Do your models for access work as intended? Get help to develop and test the security.